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Click Here or on the cover for eleven pages of something that looks as if it is starting out to be a book as it is almost too much even for a pass along brochure from a LCA "salesperson member"? Well, how about I try it in a flap your lips minute moment elevator speech? Notice that this handout designed for Financial Consultant clients may be personalized and printed.

"A unique US 250 Million Mine-able $20 tons of
Nepheline Syenite containing Alumna [Al203]
naturally bundled together with Silicon Dioxide [ Si02] with
two Rare Earths elements creates an Old Roman / New Green
Geopolymer Russian Concrete Chinese priced $250 per ton FOB
building material for 3D Printing Houses that can withstand
a Forest Fire for Four Hours at 3000 degrees ; and
as a Hydraulic Cement FoamKrete™ withstands
Flash Flooding or the rusting of re-bar in a
wet environment, as demonstrated on a beach in Florida!"

Those that wish to act, now, on at a discounted start-up price for tonnage buy-in as a $5,000 minimum qualified "investor member" position, or as a "patron member" trade for suppling mining and milling equipment for a "Bill of Sale" swap joint  venture participation to get  a much needed FoamKrete™ by the bag tonnage loaded for delivery, contract underway than try getting through via a secure Apple iCLOUD Mailbox to personally shake hands with an otherwise hard to reach, himself, hiding out on a mountain top away from "those guys" after him for trying to override the way it has always been done by bullies. Or, call the ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association / Research & Development Director of at 360-702-1870 on how to be part of a business that will succeed by selling a much needed product of the future, instead of pumped paper promises that make some people very rich by failing. There should be a limit on how many times a skilled "art of the deal" businessman is allowed to go bankrupt.

For now it would take only take an individual $60 per ton to buy into the dream of an affordable liquid housing answer that works this way:

1) Purchase an individual in-place ton in the square mile Table Mountain Nepheline 1 to 32  (OR101482451) claim block that is up-to date with the U.S. Department of Interior BLM annual "rental fee". Claim owner Barry Murray will receive $20 for each ton, that also has a continuing 2.5% royalty to be paid on the milled product, or Nepheline Syenite (Al2O3/Si02) leaving the county.

Under the U.S. Mining Law of 1872 mining claims can act in association on apex (mountaintop deposits) without complying with security stock offer and IPO rules. The owner/dealer is free to mine his ton by himself, or:

2) The owner may join the FoamKrete member directed CO-OP using his individually owned ton, that now also carry's an individual 2.5% royalty, the same as Barry Murray's position. The next controlled flow-through recommended step is to make another $20 down payment to ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association that secures a place in line (by Bill of Sale Certificate Number) for the delivery of a bags or barrels of the individuals FoamKrete™.

As it has not been established yet what the "all costs plus 10% royalty, and the 5% individuals per ton processing price will be, for now, that the early supporters of trying to meet, or beat, the $250 FOB per ton for the nearly exact same chemistry of a Chinese Nepheline Syenite, will be the big winners.

3) The secret of FoamKrete™ is it is 100% percent a Naturally Soluble (very important) Al203/Si02 volcanic —intrusive or extrusive—Pozzolana that when mixed with Portland Cement powder and a equally fine sand, and activated by sea water, hydrogen peroxide, or even Dawn dish-soap, will foam x? times in volume as concrete. This happy event is well documented by Scientific papers listing the final concrete mix as AAC.

Since those white papers have been published, a Nanotechnology Concrete, using a natural Pozzolana, (NP) as the Romans used to build still standing 'impossible' hydraulic concrete structures —without the use of prone to rusting steel re-bar can withstand anything that Climate Change can bring. It has been labeled as a Cellular Light Concrete [CLC} and lately a Geopolymer. And recent research has been showing the unique minerals that make up a

So, the R&D research goes on, going around private propriety protected science, to bring the individual owners of a Part A FoamKrete™, with a Part B activator formula which can only be protected by secrecy. By contributing another $20 to the work of R&D research, for access to a Geopolymer activator, as Prospector Barry Murray is out in the field again promising the development of a anonums-mortor-sand filler, then we will not have to go outside the supply chain to deliver a superplasticer additive which will allowing the CLC to be mixed and pumped (a FoamKrete Distributer rental) on site for an accelerated strength and set time of something that can also be sawn, drilled, routered.

This Affordable Housing answer to Climate Change outside the control of the really BIG 'control freak' MONOPOLY of real estate housing salespersons >> mortgage brokers>> investment bankers >> stockbrokers> hedge fund retirement managers >> and quasipublic regulators by going into business for yourself as a fully qualified environment entrepreneurial retail FoamKrete™ Dealer.

As this Pacific Northwest enterprise iis best explained locally by an acting FoamKrete Distributor Lucus Ponce de Leon at 360-702-1870, who also is the earn-in Manager of ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association's where, for a $20,000 purchase of 1,200 in-place tons protected in an Table Mountain ECO-Minerals-Stockpile Trust acting as a protected "rock solid" underground vault.

And, if you are wondering who is doing this mining investment marketing/advertising? It's TheProspector! Does distant Wall Street management have any concept of how to bring in a mining project that makes money by actually selling product, instead of paper? Or have any idea in knowing what mining for gold (even if it is gray) is all about? Ask the Industrial Minerals guy.

Written by a BLM field examiner this out of print placer gold manual has been annotated with notes from a prospector with field experience from Alaska to Panama.

The best placer gold finder field manual, ever. An out of print BLM guide for their field examiners to use for preparation to testify in court. This copy has a prospectors lifetime of experienced notations. Also included after a $6 PayPal checkout are links to other PDF saved governmental publications dealing with the correct way to follow the US Mining Law of 1872. Click the banner to goto .

And, this is a link to order the chronicle of the future Editor Of— family prospecting trip back when gold was still pegged to an official $35 per ounce.

Again during this time of a web control war fighting against a dark big biz / deep state oligarchy anti-science disbelievers, you might have to do an Oprah Winfrey go around to the back door do-it-yourself way to become part of a new financial engine that allows for individual "Investor Owners" as in a newly licensed ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA that is on the "Wild West" side of surviving The Perfect Storm of COVID/CLIMATE change.

Others finding the exploding CalNev and Pacific Northwest climate change a risk in their own backyard has brought forth individuals on the battle lines of owners of $20 per ton FoamKrete™ in-place units of ore (perhaps as a part of rebuilding a fire survivor home) in what would technically a working employee owned company workable as such a buy-in would not be classified a security under the federal SEC's Howey Test rules for a very progressive Washington (the state) Senate Act as used for the incorporation and bylaws of of an Ecologically and Economically aware Entrepreneurs Association LCA.

Which happens to be a > > > > ECO-Mining-Milling >> > flow-through empire in progress.

The biggest problem you might experience getting through this advertised "insider information" offering may be the legal practice of pinging and pong misdirection "blacklisted bouncing" any e-mail from this site, as a long time established, that might return something as this:

My name is Barry Murray, of an also under attack, with an abused robocalled phone number of 503-753-5868. I do have a valid PO Box 678, Waldport, (within sight of a magic Table Mountain) Oregon 97394. The snail-mail address for ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association is POB 1198, Castle Rock, WA 98611.

I guess the safest way to send me an electronic message is to try the following banners, and wait for a return verification that is was actually delivered to Barry Murray.

An ECO-Mined-Asset is always on par with precious metals

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