Alaska Range mining claim put in by ski-mountaineering methods

There, there...

Sorry for your paper losses. Sorry that some of you did not listen to the over the shoulder babbling of a horse-packer prospector very used to living under canvas, predicting in '06 that big city bankers encouraging Main Street homeowners to leverage the lifetime investment of their family dream home into their own personal ATM, was a dumb double debt total Back Eastern sort of survival thing to do. Sorry, again, that this nightmare is not finished.

Worried again, about the bubble value of your start over again "affordable housing dollar" disappearing in a 'poof' once again? So long for now to recovering middle-class prosperity? A second time? Just as "Silver Dollar Dan" of predicted from the wilderness for the same leveraged reasons before the First Great Recession of what everyone is hoping will not develop into the Second Great Depression. I am again trying to solve global warming/ climate change problems by riding to the rescue with something called FoamKrete™.

But again, born at the tail end of the '30s and a slowly moving Keynesian economics National Recovery Act hampered by FDR's Executive Order 6102, by "forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States". And growing up in WW2 were rationing was the way of living, FDR issued Executive Order L-208 outlawing gold and silver mining as not vital to the war effort? I know how slow forward progress towards the truth can be when measured in hoof prints per mile. Something that cannot be accomplished in 240 ASCII characters per Tweet, which themselves do not keep up with the HFT wire from Chicago to New York.

    Before Saving and Loans disapeared for requiring a 10 to 20 % down payment  on a home mortgage that did not exceed twice anual income.

Baffled That While Investors Rushed Out Of U.S. Equity Funds To Seek Safe Havens in the second-biggest weekly exit on record, that tightly controlled "hard money" spot prices for physical gold and silver have not budged? Simple. This is 4,000 years of economic history at work in that "fearless leaders" did not wage war without a counting house full of coin.

Since Nixon took us off both the gold and silver standard in 1971, no President has been able to pull off a TV moment of proclaiming a decisive victory since Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and Afghanistan, all funded by Inflation. The Cold War, we thought, was won by outspending the USSR for what Regan called a "Peace Benefit". Now, it seems we are at the beginning of Cold War 2.

Since 1971, U.S. citizens have had to trade in Federal Reserve Notes as the only form of "legal" money that for the first time had no currency with any gold or silver backing. This is where you get the saying that U.S. dollars are backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. Government. Which, you will have to admit, this Christmas, is troubled as believing Santa comes down a "clean coal" chimney.

    A "big board" listing that does not crash and loose purchasing power

Aux Barricades, Les Investisseurs...

And are you just a little concerned that a visionary manufacturer Elon Musk's First Amendment comments concerning the SEC on Sixty Minutes News-magazine interview, after being fined $20 Million by a colusion of goverment bureaucrats and self regulated stockholders, by a with a very respected Leslie Stahl (who has wondered before why "America First" mining enterprises going bankrupt?) has once again been plagiarized by the N-word (Neanderthal) so-called Advertising/Journalists to bludgeon the future of an American free enterprise manufacturing corporations dependent upon reliable supply of US strategic minerals, as nano rare earths?

You, if a hedge fund "protected widow and orphan" retirement investor in US national resources, need to understand that as an innocent everyday outsider you may be guilty of collusion with foreign powers. using our "America is already great" spirit against our best interests.

What the good old boy insider club right now is doing is "wack a mole" blackmail, with ambush journalism, and sabotage lawsuits every time Musk makes a tweet about escaping the "Imperial Deep State IPO Palace Guards" attacks that actually require a retreat back to the safety of developing private corporations which are especially vulnerable for depending on the US loss of controlling our own natural resource minerals.

But, please do not let the soft "Clean Carbon Energy" mining lobbyists drive an immigrant South African, Elon Musk, a PHD droupout, and stand-in for Alfred Einstein move on to somewhere he is appreciated. Mexico; Argentina; Taiwan; South Korea?

Go ahead SEC, and the SBA, send even more jobs overseas! Remember that Elon also has made enemies for understanding the part of Albert's Nobel Prize that included recognition for the basis of the solar energy collecting of PhotoVoltaics, which Musk turned into rooftop energy shingles competitive in cost to traditional asphalt shingles that explode during runaway forest fires.

Shouldn't we 98 percentile citizen losers, corralled as sheeple ready to be flocked, also be very concerned over the "wacky-leeks" lately of deep state politically directed decisions coming out of deregulated in favor of natural resources oligarchies.

Especially when voter's concerns over Securities Act Rule 144, and "Reg D" exclusion of "Purported Mining Companies". Which also seem to be under attack by other by other U.S. Government Departs and Agencies, as an economic (and First Amendment censorship) brought on by the recent FCC changes about Net Neutrality.

And the FTC, and FCC, for not paying attention to foreign "supposedly free trade" intrusion of multinational cartels and conglomerates which has left House Bill H.R. 761, and Senate Bill 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act of 2013, in shambles.


Alas, We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us?

All this is part of the reason for a long overdue refresh of, published by a recovering, interlinking with a hack attacked web-ring of mining and media journalistic input.

Since our listing of Mining Law of 1872 mining claims (from only 19 States open to mineral entry) that seemed to be valid on paper, offered for sale, lease, joint venture, on for only $300 have all but disappeared, well welcome to a new system of reaching real readers who still have us bookmarked,with real news, of real prospects, that could pass the time trusted standards of the USPS mail and wire fraud inspectors.

It is obvious that those who actually own the gold, silver, and other hard rock minerals (not soft coal) in-place need to be fiscally aware that an exclusive on-line presentation of an "edited" project now requires a double our $300, plus, fee for potentially damaging our 20 plus years reputation of recommending a mining claim purchase as valid upon the surface when measured length x width x depth..

What is it with (allegedly, somewhat) brilliant melinnials today who think that a degree in any profession honors them with an unproven mastery to run any business. So, Let me babble on again by putting an arm around you Benjamin, and whispering the future or our economy in your ear. One word instead of the cliche´ of plastics. "Sears".

A potential "reverse Ponzi" class action lawsuit that surely will boost the employment numbers in participating tort action law firms.

An alleged hedge fund leader's attempt to emulate the Canadian TSX "pump and dump" failures for not being profitable except for the underlaying real estate (or mining real property) so that the guy with the "golden parachute" who drove his company into bankruptcy. And then exposed what was happening when the surviving "stakeholders?" made a private bid to provide management control. As reported by Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes.

Shouldn't the action of throwing away the worlds largest, and most trusted mail-order catalog, supported by a lot of rural distribution pick-up delivery centers, by not going Online-electronic, except for some tacky spam mail towards the inevitable end of destroying the number one household name brand, at least be fined $20 million by the SEC/shareholders, as was applied to immigrant Elon Musk who is leading leading American manufacturing onward and upward?

As I am a Dr. Sheldon Cooper style Asperger's myself, it is obvious to me that Asperger's Elon Musk has made even more media enemies as me for telling the financial truth, and other academic dropouts still working on their AsS degree, as was Steve Jobs, who was also forced out of what they had created by a deep state collusion of SEC/Shareholders?

Remember that Steve, and many of the creative team names inscribed inside the case of a MacPlus, were fired by Mr. PepsiCola, who then took Apple into near bankruptcy. The fun part of this was that the stockholders were finally forced to admit their stupidity and hire Steve back (after proving himself a worthy businessman with his Pixar success of Toy Story) for a $1 per year salary to turn around Apple into the corporation it is today.

And held your attention thus far let me let you in on a known Asperger's secret is that all of us only consider money to be a tool to build constructive things with before you pass, instead of a private personal fortune. Consider that "2% Billy" Gates AsS (who invested in Steve's comeback) as a fellow Home-brew Computer Club members that walked away with the concept of the x-y mouse when Xerox closed their silicon valley PARC facility and let the nameless inventor go for not making the shareholders money.

Perhaps we should add Xerox, to Sears, Toys R Us, International Harvester, WorldCom. Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, Enron, etc, etc, to the long list of opportunities staged by CEO's that understood the "art of the deal" was to double-deal behind a public audience distracted by a chorus line of lip flapping minions of multi-millionaires tap dancing while singing "You too, you too, you too, can live the American dream."

All it takes is hard work, plus the frugal habit of saving of a declining purchasing power of a stash of cash. And, that the real answer to the political question "Are you better off since ????" is truthfully "When Nixon took the US off the International Gold Standard?"

Remenber also that this was when the legal tender silver dollars also disappeared from the silver state of Nevada. Gone are the days when supply-side miners would head to town for the weekend to get a haircut for a silver dollar which was often flipped to see if the barber (also a professional newscaster) had earned a silver dime tip.

From there, by checking into a hotel with a casino, that gambled that their rooms came with a "free" roll of nickels to feed their one-armed bandits. Being these machines were mechanical (nothing like the electronic slot machines today with an algorithm programmed soundtrack of actual coins falling down the metallic chute ) you listened for clues of management misjudgment when paying out a billboard advertised percentage of looseness. Of a halfway believable 96 - 99% odds. If said minor miner was lucky running his gifted stake up to the solid sound of Silver dollars that rang out when slapped down on a marble counter, he might then head down the street to a legal house of a "horizontal boring and drilling company" to fulfill a contract between the "world's oldest profession" and the second into supplying shiny baubles.


So Who Is The "Naughty" One?

What if mining projects, always in need of funding to actually mine underground, backed by the long-standing principles of the Mining Law of 1872, somewhat in conflict with what the SEC considers a "mining company" totally ignored the biased "deep state blackmail" regulations where a speeding ticket violation of only $20 million, for Elon Musk losing his First Amendment Rights for tweeting his thoughts about going private. And worse, for just thinking of escaping a 1% financially controlled system running a muck.

Alas, or maybe oh yeah, our resident manufacturing genius paid the blackmail, most likely demanded by Big Dumb Ass [BDA] corporate competition [not to be confused with the Australian manufacturer who posted a 1 year performance of 14.29%], because it was a less expensive to stop the momentum of production than being mugged by an allegedly illegal monopoly of lawyers (perhaps a misstated written statement, which I withdraw with an apology) who can churn billable hours into years, while hiding behind exclusive for them professional LLCs or PLLCs, apparently immune from any charges of (verbal on TV ) slander outside the courtroom, which really should call for a mistrial in the Court of Public Opinion, even if it has to plead before the learned Court of Judge Judy.

Speaking in an out-of-the-side-of-a-mouthpiece jargon that never seems to answer in the news questions in polished bi-partisan compromised answers as, "We are diligently looking into this very questionable situation right now," which translates in on-line peoples regional dictionaries as a Brooklyn/Bronx "fuhgettaboutit"!

I, a Westerner (nanoseconds away from the regionally unfair HFT fiber optic trading wire) who understands that "laughing stock" is no longer funny out of context, want to know what happened to the First Great Depression effort to correct banking mistakes with the First Glass-Steagall Act, of 1932 was an emergency measure which didn't last long for opening up the door to stockbrokers being sued for misrepresentation. It was replaced with the Glass-Steagall Act Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162), passed by Congress in 1933 which prohibited commercial banks from engaging in the investment business.


Perhaps this is the time to exit the speculative wealth of paper

Just so you don't become confused with what has happened from the beginning of the Glass-Steagall Act, from then, to Senators Warren and McCain's bill trying to un-successfully reinstate, what Clinton did away with hiding smoke and mirrors which allowed for "runaway" investment banker's to capitalize on the mortgage fraud bubble bursting 10 years ago, under the Bush "TARP" Presidency, when the DOW closing at 10,000.

Now that we are experiencing a "the US Government Christmas gift of a holiday shutdown", though Congress is being rewarded with full pay from a supposedly supportive government for the DOW to make a "minor re-adjustment" from 25,826 on December 3rd, to today's "you do what I want or else" numbers of 22,450.

The really interesting numbers supporting the idea that all this not secure fiscal madness was just after the first manipulated Great Recession "crash" there was turnip truck double parked, just behind the bull on Wall Street peddling Gold and Silver long ounces in 2008 at $1,142 and $12.62, and that as 10 years later today's close of AU/AG spot prices are $1,225.82 for gold, and $14.62 for silver, shows that rock hard minerals are the safe haven choice to protect value losses from an on-line inflation calculator loss of $509.17 USD for holding gold over the same years. Silver, for also being an industrial metal only lost $1.77 in inflated devalued dollars over the same Obama Boost / Trump Bump as outsourced to Main Street Sears outlets who really understood the guaranteed way to cut costs was to fire all employees, and non-productive retirees.

Cranking in the DOW numbers for the same comparison years returns a $-1,706.20 loss for burying paper dollars deep into a computer, at risk of someone tripping over the plug-in cord to accidentally erase electronic credits, even if they are Block-chain backed Bit Coins.

I think by now the massive buy-back of company shares to go private is an obvious reason for individual investors exchange " physical ton units" of a private needed mineral prospect. Especially when a unique "rare earths" housing material should do the smart "qualified investor" thing to do (even if you don't have the required $ Million dollar casino capital buy-in, by the physical ton.


    Why does it take a disaster to introduce a replacement answer




Brother, can you spare $20

Put yourself into a "bill of sale" independent business (not a franchise) network of being a Dealer? Which just happens to be "TheProspector's" idea of square deal thinking, with a miner's royalty. And then, if you choose, networking on through with a marketing service agreement, at another $20 per ton, with another start-up business that only has at this time the URL of, as detailed below.

The third independent dealer choice, avoiding SEC sanctioned IPO tyrants with their totally out of control manipulations and salaries favoring non-American multinationals, by making a another $20 per ton down payment to the other flow-through start-up of ECO-Mining-Milling which realistically can compete with delivering the same nepheline syenite chemistry per payed-off ton price of $250 per ton (as listed on FOB).

The point of today's newsletter from is to show the opportunities of going around a flawed method of stockbrokers selling the public drawer's full of useless stock certificates , is by sending you to a start-up URL whose primary focus is to supply answers to answers to climate change wildfires destroying family housing,with flash flooding following, and the most important of all is affordable housing to keep our valuable resource of an educated and willing workforce to from being flushed down the drain of despair. Follow Jim Purvance up the mountain (xxx-xxx-xxxx) by clicking below to see working man possibilities.

I prefer to have some sense of who wants to be an independent business associate other than receiving a personal check for $60 for each ton of Nepheline Syenite / / and down payment contract with ECO-Mining-Milling one ton contract that doesn't need to be paid off with until final delivery, hopefully under the cost of stick-built homes, depending upon the registered position of your affordable house building material "Bill of Sale" which for your ease of fluidity may be referred to as a which could be used to flow-through to start-up

Please go to my personally owned, for the next month or two, for full documentation (of 300?) pages. This is important as I am the single signer on the underlying claims offering Nepheline Syenite by the ton, which absolutely demands that I personally back-up what has been promised, or implied, with the 500 million uniform tons proven, which at just $20 per ton in-place, at this time, protected by USDA CFR management, only calculates out to $10 Bullion.

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