Gold dust is nuggets that have been been carried down-stream from an AU motherlode, leading to the expression that gold is where you find-it.
Silver is history has had a 1 to 16 times value of gold.  Try that in a caculator with spot prices of both the nobel metals.

In response to President Trump's worldwide public withdrawal of the Paris Global Clean Air Accords, we supply-side Western miners need a wee bit of response time to slant public opinion back on the non-coal 'hard rock' US mining industry jobs, which have already been free-traded away. Working American properties are at risk to the Toronto Stock Exchange enforcing their own "in Canadian interests" discriminatory 43-101 validations on industry professionals.

The second on Trump's list to jobs lost to a false science/ fake news sector is the cement industry. The manufacturing process of a cement kiln heated to 2,700 degrees is targeted as a greenhouse gas villian for contributing 5% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

As it is almost impossible to imagine repairing the US economy and infrastructure without the physical solidness of concrete, the obvious "Global Warming Answer" is Green Energy Production. Which really is something a lot of nanotechnology scientists are already working on independently.

The last thing these creatives need is misguided government regulatory help from those who do not understand anything but making political points, based upon political action committee behind the scenes manuvering.

What the 'hard rock' supply side of our free-traded away declining Western mining industry, that doesn't have an IPO PR machine, needs to make known to the voting public is that the "clean coal, soft rock" jobs were already doomed by the logical introduction of low-cost job replacing automation machinery, making the underground work far less dangerous.

We I might add as a suggestion to the hard-luck union worker's complainer's is perhaps a government retraining, and relocation of unemployed soft coal miners into larger hard rock underground pillar and room operations in the West, including Alaska where Canadian TSX companies are fond of using EB-5 "investment" green cards (a pathway to citizenship) sold to Asians who undercut the cost of Alaskan labor.

In 1990 Congress created a regulation almost as harmful to small miners as the stupidity of withdrawing Congressional support of the US Bureau of Mines. A PAC influenced attitude that led to only US producer of rare earths, Union Carbide, of Mountain Pass, California, to go pubically bankrupt while being questioned by Lezlie Stahl of 60 Minutes [Fake]News Magazine?

Unfortunately, Stahl's commentary didn't have the time to ask about the mining industry leadership loss of Congress de-funding a US Bureau of Mines lead in rare earths research, in Albany Oregon. The next door winner of this US taxpayer research was Teledyne Wah Chang, a new age metals corporation, who seems to have lead the way to China controlling exports of hybrid electric motors for American car manufacturing "smart" automobiles meeting and exceeding, future global clean air standards.

And since the small Western miner has also been discriminated against by public company Reg D exclusion, and various other "widows and orphans" securities protection of Blue Sky laws, we would like to follow our information only by editorial comment role in presenting a direct investment opportunity.

The "click the PDF cover button" following explains a unique mineral on the fringe of a rare earths property. Identified by the US Bureau of Mines research facility at Albany, the nanotechnical description is, Nepheline Syenite.

Silver is history has had a 1 to 16 times value of gold.  Try that in a caculator with spot prices of both the nobel metals.

Oregon's Nepheline Syenite deposit is one of three in the US.

* The only other readily soluble natural raw material source of AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate suitable for an affordable suitable thermal mineral in America, other than 3M out of their New Mexico quarry and Arkansas roofing tile facility, also in competition with a worldwide “free trade” supplier disadvantaged by location, location, shippable location.

* When used in an additive to cement as an after mixture, which forms CLC that may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic (not patentable) mineral, when activated expands a one bag of cement four to five times the volume as concrete. 

* When used in an additive to cement as an after mixture, which forms CLC that may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic (not patentable) mineral, when activated expands a one bag of cement four to five times the volume as concrete.

* As explained as Oregon’s “FoamKrete ™” the almost do-it-yourself material has allowed homes built of AAC slabs and CLC concrete spray to survive climate change forest and brush fires, resulting flash floods or mudslides, and thanks to the hydrogen bubbles with an extreme R-value also is considered a very green, very clean air mined product by environmentalists. 

* Oregon’s Table Mountain nepheline syenite uniform sill, as documented by published US Geological Survey, and Oregon Department of Mineral Industries reports, contains a mappable 750—800 Million tons of the same “rare earths rocks” chemistry that is selling in a “face powder” -325 fine form in China for $250 per ton, FOB. 

* The majority of the mountain is held by 32 twenty acre (a square mile) un-patented Mining Law of 1872 claims. These are subject to US Forest Service CFR regulations concerning an added value over a common variety use for gravel. as used to maintain the FS logging road leading to a microwave tower on the mountain. Historically the three jetty rock quarries have already been permitted, but are not a value-added use today.

* As this is Oregon Territory, attention must also be paid to the USFS conservationist multiple uses as watershed, recreational, and sensible timber management for scenic values. This is why the required plan of action for FoamKrete will contain mining engineering proposals of boring into a MOH 6 hardness rock, where the traditional underground tailing dump waste becomes the product.

* Of course, all of this is much to much for a 78-year old single signature claim holder, who knows from previous ventures the property is almost too big for even one company. One CFR clear listed use answer is to simply put the asset to work a needed marketplace of affordable housing.

Swiss Army knife of rare minerals is Nepheline Syenite

This is a 32 page Adobe Acrobat PDF of readable on-screen or downloadable, documentation document on Oregon's Table Mountain nepheline syenite, as supported by qualified sources:

> A USGS Professional Paper 840;
* Analyses of Eight New USGS Rock Standards

> The State of Oregon; 
* Economic Mineral Resources

> An independent consulting geologists report;
* Geological Field Reconnaissance and Sampling Program

> University of California, Davis, paper;
* UCDavis-auto_aerated_concrete

> And an outdated video tour on�

Please contact the property owner direct by e-mail through the spam avoidance connection hidden from robot harvesting on this E-Market Report.

* This is why the price tag for even 16 twenty acre claims, out of 32 twenty claims total, covering half of the mountain (either the north or south half) is an almost impossible to set at $??? Million. And why it is so much easier to caculate valuon tons in place.

* Where one small mining contractor, taking care of crushing and grinding individual tons, could cover both reserves for end-use marketings as (almost a franchise), or a needed answer by flowing through to meet and exceed the “fortress” goals of which would have an almost unfair edge in replacing, for insurance purposes, stick built homes in fire, flood, tsunami tidal surge, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane-prone communities.

* Another thing understood at 78 by the claim holderis that mining is one thing, but selling a mine by the ton is another. Which means lease options, earn-in MLP joint ventures, or stock for stock trades might work where the claims are not used to collateralize themselves.

Silver is history has had a 1 to 16 times value of gold.  Try that in a caculator with spot prices of both the nobel metals.

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