Is Global Warming a Geological Event?

As the editor / publisher of the "web ring" of — which includes this — I am so very sorry to report that going into 2023 that unhealthy mining practices including fighting over ownership of mineral wealth of Ukraine, has caused contamination of clean, breathable, air to increase, instead of our industry even trying to be a part of meeting the Paris Climate Accords.

As a "Prudent Man" as defined in the US (Peoples) Mining Law of 1872 overridden by foreign multinationals that seem to control American natural resources through political PAC Funding of hidden, deep state, Hatch Act violations, there seems to be few opportunities for individual to defend their backyards from alien scientific disbelievers, other than working together to conserve our birthright.

Know that some hydraulic mining, and destructive open pit mining — cheaper than hard rock underground ventures— have somehow been part of the "unawares" problem contributing to Climate Change Chaos. So, as editor/publisher of this linked publication, again finding myself an explorer in doing it ECO right by supporting safe underground mining with EV mining equipment, and a no tailing piles left behind policy.

This is why I am linking below to an Adobe E-Pub safe from alteration paper by ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association that focuses on today important keyword phrases as: independent mining co-op; working member and patron investors;the secret of roman cement; geopolymer zero carbon concrete; ore buy-a-ton; nepheline syenite natural pozzolan; Alumina-Silicates; zero carbon cement; Ph neutral; affordable fire 'proof' housing; flash flood safe!. Click here, or on cover:


So, forward once again, with the huge carbon credits established all ready grandfathered into a Nepheline Syenite quarry, already signed up with ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association (a green Washington State LCA), based in part, before old growth "plywood peelers" disappeared, for employee owned CO-Plys which were very successful because all the team members kept the harvesting of natural wealth jobs from being exported by multinationals, overseas. is looking for buy-in Working Investor or Patron members to purchase state-of-the -art mining equipment. Unfortunately, much of it will be foreign made as you can't run America's famous Cat® underground, but if it is what we need, there is a possibility of an exchange for value proven tonnage, arranged by Sharon Ehlmann's

A contract to mine/mill on an "all reasonable costs (including equipment amortization) plus 10% per ton upon delivery" has already been agreed to with an Eco awareness of:

1) ECO-, CEO Sharon Ehlmann, 818-214-9800.

2) FoamKrete™.com for retail, with wholesale production by, Executive Director Lucas Ponce de Leon, 360-702-1870.

3), which at the moment is a start-up DBA which, as I am 83 years young and wanting to get back on the road again, prospecting another lead I have, from early days, on another nano material, so someone with enough business experience, and leads to financial backing — please take over my postilion

Also somebody wants to go on $1 M grubstake Ad-venture, heck yes you can come along searching for additive minerals—guaranteed by Nepheline Syenite tonnage, if the ground is still open for staking.

Yes, we are a lot more folksiness flexible than going through the bean counter / financial planner rabbit hole, as can be the start of tax advantaged flow through opportunity. As suggested in this "white board" presentation.

I myself have, out of 250 million tons of nepheline syenite deposit supplying independently owned ECO Business as shown which hopefully be suppliers to a yet unspoken for We also need scientific businessmen to be in control of a start-up Contact me direct for my 125 million dividable tons in reserves, with me as a single signer on 16 twenty acre claims, and at 83-years young would be interested in a estate trade, perhaps a large cattle ranch, a cruising catamaran, Alaska wilderness fly-in lodge, or other fun experience, as an authors retreat, with no debt attached.

Other investors might be more interested in taking over, to join up with FoamKrete, ECO-Roman-Cement, to market through a self-explanatory ECO-Building-Materals Retail Catalog, and Order Form best filled out by accessing by clicking, then 1) saving the PDF by downloading 2) Save the filled out fields 3) And Print for Return by Mail:, or through the submit Submit Button.

Ordinary buy-a-physical-ton for private investors — you don't need to be stock market "qualified" for having a $ million net worth, excluding the primary residence— can follow the thread by clicking the coming ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete cover, below, to open a protected PDF order form that further explains why Securities Dealer Professionals— that have done such a through job in excluding small American mining start-ups from using a Reg D exclusion, or allowing prospectors a big oil depletion allowance, or any easy way for ECO-Minerals-Stockpile to use the bypass an IPO hurdle, perhaps through a natural resources oil pipeline Master Limited Partnership(?), which is apparently (insider trader?) listed "on the big boards.

So, since my organization is involved in guaranteeing the purchase of any Table Mountain nepheline syenite 78% geopolymer cement, and I and Sharon are working on using the set aside "in a rock solid bank" reserves 125 million tons, to perhaps cover the homeowners insurance on a house which can withstand a 3000º forest fire for four hours, or a hydraulic cement, which also withstands flash floods, which have demonstrated through a super strength, water and mold, or even accidental bullets!

Any exploiters that want to kick tires, or question todays science dealing with Global Warming, are still welcome to knock on a back door, with humble hat in hand, for a slice of crow pie. But, don't mess with the mind of independent prudent man mining partners for perhaps not being a qualified securities buyer for not having a million over $1,000,000 net worth, or the widows and orphans "sophistication" to understand the value of a truly blue sky.

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