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1) Credit Suisse bondholders seemingly have lost $17 Billion. AT1 bonds, or “CoCos,” were a type of debt considered part of the bank’s regulatory capital. And now shares in UBS are experiencing the biggest one day fall since 2008. Perhaps now is the time to consider hedging by joining others in protecting a natural $250,000,000 x $100 per in-place ton offer to individual investors trying to benefit with $100 being part of a Mining Law of 1872 protected Claim Block = $ 25 Billion, on the way up for being 'rock solid'.

What is interesting to someone, as me, as, who has suggested a number of times, on-line, that we return to the 1971 gold and silver standard —is that the purchasing power of one dollar... then v. today... has fallen to 13.50% of what a Nixon's Viet Nam paper silver dollar is worth.

2) And, taking note of the how and whys explaining a reverse TARP2 happening right now, where other banks will not to be offer depositors insurance, as the fund has already been tapped by $250,ooo plus-aires, well next voting cycle I suggest Senators Warren, and Cantwell reintroduce an even more modern version of the Banking Act of 1933 (Glass-Steagall) that protects American taxpayers, helps community banks and credit unions compete, and decreases the likelihood of future financial crises.

3) While holding tight purse strings on a "Build Back Better" with American products that meet, or exceed, the need to keep us within the Paris November 2016 guidelines. Trump's grandstanding folly cost the free World, in that China took advantage of the situation to the point that the "World is on brink of catastrophic warming", as a recent UN Climate Change Report says. Add a British newspaper's "The World Economy is On The Brink of Another Disaster" and indeed we really do need to steer clear of what has been predicting as The Perfect Storm.

Which means that if deep state big business gurus do not support the quality of life on the Planet for their children and grandkids —who then is really concerned about establishing retirement and frugal trust funds, which may be "appropriated" by politicians, anyway— it is up to the 'frontier people' to make a difference by defending their own backyard.


"ECO award winner" Elon Musk, who is a fellow Asperger's, as is a

"cute little schoolgirl" Greta Thunberg, just born into the 22nd century, with a telltale "incomplete education". You shouldn't cite her scientific proof with the initials of As.S. Which I, as an absolutely unqualified editor of, have mischievously used myself on some academic papers, instead of a more formal psudonym as Keyser Söze, ASD.

Reed College 'calligrapher' dropout Steve Jobs, and Harvard's Bill Gates, and writer/ documentary producer, Al Gore's award winning "Inconvenient Truth" who somehow has been overshadowed by Dr. Sheldon Cooper's (an Asperger's poster child) Big Bang Theory.

Which sort of brings us back to a guest appearance on that popular TV series ... drum roll please... of dishwasher Elon Musk, who also is often introduced as "our generation's Albert Einstein"! Yet another high functioning Asperger's who flunked the exams the first time around at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich.

Elon, who also, when queried about "outside the box thinking", answers,"What box" also has a BSc in physics from U of Pennsylvania, where he somehow learned enough to launch Space X rockets and satellites and bring them back from space to recycle without contributing to others "trash belt".

His BA in economics apparently came in handy when the SEC fined him $millions for even thinking out-loud of going public. Which is somehow related to teaching neuroticall Twitter investors that sometimes an 'Assie' readjust things downwards to correct wrongs, is followed by a truthful upwards success.

As noted in Inc. Magazine where startup consultant Andy Raskin  says "you could do a lot worse than emulate Tesla and Space X founder, even with a 'self-conscious and fidgety' delivery of five basic steps of pitching a new business. Which has a number of different possibilities — for moguls, or individuals looking for a solid place to 'bank'.

Especially now, when a world-wide modern day Financial Reset is coming!

1. Name your enemy

That is an easy one for ZeroCarbon-cement, and this The outdated use of Portland cement®, when a lost but now updated formula of ECO-Roman-Cement, without rusting re-bar, is proven to be smarter, stronger, faster, better. And, cheaper, when an employee owned retail distributor delivers a DIY FoamKrete™ for the flow-through building of what could be an ECO Village using the advantage which out of date builders will not have.

Also guilty for following Portland cement® technological standards is the continued promotion of a business-as-usual Coal Fly Ash substitution that supposedly qualifies as a "carbon neutral" Geopolymer manufactured additive? Especially when explained away in an 'industry publication' with "as concrete is a long-lived material and that lifespan the reduces the impact of the carbon produced over the extended service life".

Supposedly the Portland mix of concrete surface, "is exposed to atmospheric CO2, the calcium hydroxide and the calcium silicate hydrate in the hardened cement paste react chemically with the converting back to limestone and recapturing the equivalent of some of the CO2 emitted during production".

2. Why now?

If you have kept up with Congressman Raskin (D) asking questions, “How do we know what’s true or false"? Then follow the path of Democratic VP Gores (a "looser" thanks Florida's hanging chads, that are now washing ashore as an "Inconvenient Political Truth") which sparked a Swedish schoolgirl to sail a wintertime Atlantic to also cry in front of the US Assembly about scientific evidence so compelling it has been followed up by the UN publishing the reality of chaos that a WMO| Executive Action Plan for the Early Warnings for All —which calls for "initial new targeted investments between 2023 and 2027 of US$3.1 billion – a sum which would be dwarfed by the benefits".

So what would it cost for everyone to work together to trying to ease to the problem, as temporarily demonstrated during the shut-down of the pandemic, where these clear air benefits have been totally erased by Russia's stupid invasion increased pollution with the very cruel consequence to all living human paying for dictatorial, narcissistic, powerful mad men's evil dreams that he and a few friends, can alone survive Doomsday?

To much of this a boring technical read? Then just look out a window!

And, wonder how any insurance company can cover the loss without cutting into their Political Action Contribution, which seems to be having trouble keeping up with out of date self-styled "environmentalists armed with rakes while wearing a red, flame proof, MAGA hats", lighting up Trump's Secretary of USDS/USFS political only, backfires.

Add, an unstable "cash money market"due to under regulated bankers, and the idea of dealing direct with an equity of "buy a proven value ton, direct from the prospector" and then flowing through by contract (by choice) with ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA which will process your ore on a all reasonable costs, plus a 10% Royalty upon delivery to yet another completely separate wholesale/retail marketing LLC. Those that whish to buy-in to the LCA with needed mining equipment have an advantage of being a working "patron member".

Continuing on from what is recognized as a CO-OP LCA contractor, avoiding securities laws and as a small business set-aside Foamkrete™, also a one vote per in-place ton owner. Who is that? How about the do-it-yourself owner that bought a piece of the rock to build his own family home that the big bad wolf cannot blow down.

Or as $100 per ton price tag will be worth more once the costs of mining and milling figures are guaranteed by the CO-OP members, and FoamKrete™ perhaps going past the distributers development to make a choice of offering a pump-able 3D printing/spray-able product, or delivering a shop built replacement for a better than heavy-duty marine plywood sheet which may be sawen, drilled, routed before tipping-up for bolting regatherer.

Remenber that any Table Mountian Nepheline Syenite building material has a fire resistance of four hours, at 3,oooº degrees, and if a house built with a closed envelope boat floor with waterproof windows, know it will do better during flash floods, tornadoes, mud slides, with a built-in mold proof protection with an unbelievable 'R' factor sound and bullet "proof" wall.

Those that need liquidity, and have a sequential proven number waiting for mining/milling on their Bill of Sale building value every-day may have, at no charge, a thumbtacked resale card offer on the cyber walls of a soon to be salvaged, when the right trustworthy manager is found.

Other possible possible marketing programs, that have a director's voice at ECO-Mining-Milling (especially if a buy-the-ton owner wants to double down by being a 'Patron Investor' in the selection of underground operating equipment necessary for 'ECO Green' mining practices —as replacing a traditional 'mucker' on a rail system leading to a daylight loading separator screen. Any manufacturer looking for an exclusive win-win working advertising situation?

As there is no waste tailing problem with uniform value Nepheline Syenite ore we are exploring the possibility of using highway legal (smaller) electric trucks underground for loading a uniform value ore, just once. The underground Nepheline Syenite Ore does not need separation. And the gross weight of the ore will not change, other than volume, so the most efficient would be milling alongside of barge transportation center, which is also a rail and truck head a few miles away.

By utilizing smaller electronic dump trucks, not requiring the logging roads be built (if that was even possible to accommodate very large special roads haul trucks, the smarter-better-cheaper choice would be re-charged by the lost power it takes going downhill in a lower than low-gear generating governor (installed, not elected). A Swiss development.

3. Paint a picture of the promised land

If we have survived the cause and effect of MAGA politicians tearing apart America's leading role in the Paris Accord of 1914 (sorry for accidentally typed the date of The War to End all Wars, which didn't work) as it was Adopted on December 12, 2015. Our U.S. support was withdrawn by Trump on June 1, 2017. And one of the Biden's first promises to an overwhelming number of voters, in 2020, was the reinstatement, trying to recover from Republican SuperPac sabotage.

Which translates —pay more attention to institutionalized private industry which have had a hard time financing any development that is not approved of by international cartels, or deep-state natural resources monopolies where private flow-through oligarchs do not worry about the bottom line, as they have already have siphoned off non-taxed returns.

Yes, I have been aware of reality mining investments since the Uranium Rush of 1955, and still cannot explain why only the State of Alaska benefits from a 3% royalty on both exported oil and minerals. Yes, crank those lost revenue fair flow-through numbers into Biden's budget, and see what happens to what everyone already thinks of mining being slash and burn fraud.

Which is why I have been a patron founding investor in ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, already dealing in mineral royalties, would really love to payback U.S. Citizens a yearly 2.5% gross royalty on the shippable wholesale product —a better deal than Alaska's 3% permanent fund payments to year-round residents if you are committed enough to spend December at home, instead of flying off as a "Snowbird" to bank offshore on an island with a sunny beach.

So, again, my logical end to a flow-through starting from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile I, to contract with, to a wholesale/retail ECO-Foam-Krete (or as an architect/builder resource) for a pass along affordable

ECO-Minerals-Stockpile II, since the whole Nepheline Syenite Deposit contains another 250,000,000 million, uniform, raw tons held in reserve to self-fund ECO-Housing-America ECO villages infrastructure repair, and a fire insurance replacement covering a home which is a castle, with a proven Class 1 forest fire rating for withstanding four hours at 3,000º degrees; and possibly a no FEMA flood zone insurance replacement for units built with a "floating boat floor no-mold envelope" which should survive, with a smart roof, catastrophic atmospheric river flash floods, hurricanes, tsunami tidal waves, and the neighbors boom box, and occasional stray bullet.

4. Explain away obstacles

Competitors misdirected opinions which have shown up in Web analytics showing pissing (sorry, phishing papers) and other ways (that seem to change daily) of bouncing return E-Mail when a "from" when "" is-not in their contacts file.

If you want to pass along as a qualified money finder then start with an over view of how a person buys a piece of the rock, pays to have it processed when you benefit with a 2.5% royalty when owner Barry Murray also has a 2.5% payday—when you pass along your ton along in Bill of Sale Numbered Order, on an all reasonable mining & Milling costs and 10%, going to the separate ECO CO-OP, for marketing a number of different ways.

Lenord Hagen, of FoamKrete ™ looking for individuals to help build affordable housing. ECO-Roman-Cement has designs on creative structures that might just happen through Sharon Ehlmann's Trad0nBartercom.

A DBA for now is this website where an ecologically safe —which will require additional ECO-aggrigates, other than the Romans Limestone, to be the number one answer for rebuilding fallen bridges, as an I-35 connection in the Twin Cities; or at least saving a rebuild on other Surfside condos. Due to the dollars involved, perhaps the best way to build back better ECO villages is to take advantage of a natural resources perk, used for oil pipelines, as a "Master Limited-Partnership" which as I understand may be listed on any big board still standing, without playing the I-win; you-lose IPO game. Here is where Barry's family trust decides the rules on what Sharon, Lenord, or Lucas bring in, on any M&A.

5. Win them over with evidence

As I have never thought it wise to spend $5,000 on a Nepheline Syenite marketing book, published, most likely, by the multinational (other than the US?) Nepheline Syenite cartel,

So I started out with following the light wight foaming concept by a UC Davis paper about ACC concrete by Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material
Stefan Schnitzler, October 2006:

"Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material"

Which was the basis of establishing FoamKrete™ that led to hundreds of papers later on CLC, GPC, including an ECO-GoGreen-Magazine explination of:

"Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumino-Silicate [Al2O3:SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer Roman Concrete"

And then came a discovery by a Utah professor, Marie D. Jackson, that the Romans long-lost secret could be defined as the C.A.S.H. formula

Extreme Durability in Ancient Roman Concretes

Followed by natural pozzolin geopolymer information by Rafia Firdous, Dietmar Stephan , Jean Noël Yankwa Djobo

Natural pozzolan based geopolymers: A review on mechanical, microstructural and durability characteristics

And, a book Edited by John L. Provis and Jannie S. J. van Deventer

"Geopolymers Structure, processing, properties
and industrial applications and Industrial Applications"

When all the mounting pile of hard evidence, as Andres Javita, Evelyn Ruales, Miren Etxeberria:

Volcanic Ash as a Sustainable Binder Material: An Extensive Review

That along with mostly foreign citations, would take multiple book shelves to hold, we suddenly realized that the "recycled Coal Dust Fly Ash" used in the early studies did not come close to reaching a 70% Al203 / Si02 / and a small amount of Fe03, and a trace of Rare Earths to be considered a very modern Geopolymer Cement —which with the right additional aggregates, qualified as a truly ZERO CARBON CONCRETE.

I have broken the overall marketing concept —each individually supported by academic papers— with this pictures are words / words are pictures synchronous chart:

6. Presented as a flow-through of different thoughts

Everything presented here is backed up by —which as been under hack attacked for almost 9 years— so click on the individual buttons, or URLS for more.

7. So working together we can help save Mother Earth

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