I am done pretending I know anything from my sixty years experience on the small miner supply side about mining finance. After all, I am not an accredited accepted source of anything to do with finance, which has made this site in particular a hacking , spoofing, phishing, denial of service target. In other words, my “long winded Old West story tellin” newsletter rants and ravings, were laughed at for not conforming to todays more powerful communication of 140 character tweets.

And as recent events have pointed to the THEY of the 2% of wealth holder illegal inside traders doing what used to be in violation of Teddy Roosevelt’s Sherman Anti-Trust Act, are now hanging the Mineral West once again on a HFT derivative supported PAC/Politician “Cross of Gold”, blowing in the winds of a promised change to be great again by totally doing away with bothersome regulations protecting the 98%.

Since I have been ridiculed for being a kept in the dark underground miner (excluded from being Reg D excluded) from wilderness Alaska who had contrary published opinions on the “Dot Com”, “Housing Bubble”, and the LIBOR/LME disappearing into the Shanghai Gold Exchange , BEFORE they took away the American dream of also becoming wealthy from the 98% voters who would most likely have voted in the Senators Bernie Sander- Elizabeth Warren a middle of the road ticket if they had not been hit from both “Big Brother” sides by “prankster” hacking that crippled there ability to get the word out to their nickel and dime financial support base without censoring, which really was a First Amendment violation.

I, and they, are not the only “news” sources being censored for understanding too much. What follows is a “swipe” of an anonymous reply to a social media question. I recognize the style and conclusions of a very respected newsletter journalist / conference speaker celebrity who disappeared from the scene after being cut-off by a parent corporation that owned the URLs. Which reminds me at 77-years, that I really should retire by selling off a bundle of www.web site titles, listed below, with my final, free, insider hot tip.

I think this guerrilla marketing of physical gold to answer why nobody with an operating mine will sign a little, or no money down, contract:

“The gold and silver commodities market has taken a real beating from market manipulation from JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, especially after the election, gold dropping more than $130/ oz over 29 days or so... The hundreds of tonnes (an **unprecedented** 800+ tonnes) of false/fake gold paper COMEX short contracts that were dumped on the commodities gold market, to artificially suppress the price, was a clear and desperate deep-state Federal Reserve/Goldman and JPM move, to try and divert attention away from the moves the gold and silver market would have made upwards. This stupid desperation to keep the gold and silver prices as low as possible, will only last until the spread between the price on the PHYSICAL COIN AND BAR GOLD of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and the SUPPRESSED, FALSE/FAKE MANIPULATED ELECTRONIC PAPER contracts of the LBMA and COMEX of London and New York, become great enough to create an arbitrage that DRAINS the gold from western sources in exchange for useless Federal Reserve dollars by the East, and reallocates the gold supply to the East....At this point the REAL and TRUE price of gold, will be discovered. If the dollar is not devalued further (which is virtually impossible), gold will be revalued to $5000 based on inflation and the suppression figures that now plague the current gold price. Silver is different in the sense that it is consumed and there are **massive supply deficits every year...If JP Morgan keeps suppressing the silver price, primary silver miners will not sell, or sell very little until a fair price is once again established in the fake paper contracts market. And as the supply dwindles, entities WILL take delivery and once a customer cannot get delivery of their physical silver, a default will occur, creating a run on the commodity....Only, there will be no sources for supply in larger scales, causing the price to go stratospheric. The unprecedented greed of deep state (establishment) people in the US and Europe destroyed the world economy, and caused political disruption all over the world since 2008, they still haven't learned a thing. They got TOO GREEDY; there is only so much that can be taken from the world's economy before everything comes to a standstill. Unfortunately they still haven't learned...The EU will fail, the establishment candidates these globalist corruptors insert into elections of every NATO and G20 country will lose, and people will revolt with votes or violence. Either way, a revolution is under way and the World Order is being derailed.....Again, all because the elitists got too damn greedy.”

Couldn't said it better myself so I am using this lazy way of thinking by writing to sign off as ... ..Barry Murray, 503-753-5868

As Promised, this:


Included as a “web ring” of 12 established URLs are for sale for best offer.


I am keeping theprospector.com for PDF delivery of "hot insider tips" and to market my memoirs.

I am also keeping the previous edition as a lead to after reading ECOhousingofAmerica, and supporting PDFs, that will be using the exclusive Oregon deposit of Nepheline Syenite to start-up a nationwide affordable housing company out of Kingman, Arizona. Call quarryman Leonard Hagen at 928-727-9117 to find out if you could be an insider in a favorable forward looking MLP partnership that could have a Schedule C write off for actually being at risk.


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Looser London Metals Exchange and LIBOR Price Fixing ; Opportunities in Unknown Minerals over the undervalued : Mother Earth is our Time Proven Source of Wealth.
Stanford finance professor Anat R. Admati 's The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong With Banking and What to Do About It ; Gillian Tett's FOOLS GOLD ; and Elizabeth Warren, author of the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act of 2013. Please note, Wall Street, all of these authors are a Ms., in a political payback time where it took 97 years of voting rights for a woman to become a presidential candidate. Just hope Martha Stewart isn't appointed to clean house somewhere for being thrown out the window of a Wells Fargo stage coach by the good old insider trader's boy club to feed the wolves, sharks, and hawgs.

A virus free PDF explaining some mine investment basics.  

Due to our world wide web information only articles being anonymously hacked out of everywhere...

... by control freaks who somehow seem to take exception to our First Amendment protected views in support of a truly laissez-faire free enterprise economy, we have turned back to the creative disciplines of writing a book, which requires more thinking than dashing off a cut-and-paste self serving SEC condoned press releases, or modified 'red herring' tombstone style advertisements.

Our virus free Adobe Acrobat PDFs, which can be saved to your computer for paper trail sharing, are also locked for your protection from malware.

And yes as a financial publisher not accredited by being a certified financial ADV 'guru' advisor, we are always looking for bona fide honest information only articles and industry editorials that will be available on TheProspector.com.

Oregon's Nepheline Syenite Quarry/Mine Is?

* The only other readily soluble natural raw material source of AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate suitable for an affordable suitable thermal mineral in the US other than 3M out of their New Mexico quarry, also in competition with a world wide “free trade” supplier disadvantaged by location, location, shippable location.

* When used in an additive to cement as an after mixture, which may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic (not patentable) mineral, when activated expands a cement truck delivery four to five times.

* As explained as Oregon’s “FoamKrete ™” the almost do-it-yourself material has allowed homes built of AAC slabs and CLC concrete spray to survive climate change forest and brush fires, resulting flash floods or mud slides, and thanks to the hydrogen bubbles with an extreme R-value also is considered a very green, very clean air mined product by environmentalists.

* Oregon’s Table Mountain nepheline syenite uniform sill, as documented by published US Geological Survey, and Oregon Department of Mineral Industries reports, contains a mappable 750—800 Million tons of the same “rare earths rocks” chemistry that is selling in a “face powder” -325 fine form in China for $250 per ton, FOB.

* The majority of the mountain is held by 32 twenty acre (a square mile) un-patented Mining Law of 1872 claims. These are subject to US Forest Service CFR regulations concerning an added value over a common variety use for gravel. as used to maintain the FS logging road leading to a microwave tower on the mountain. Historically the three jetty rock quarries have already been permitted, but are not a value added use today.

* As this is Oregon Territory, attention must also be paid to the USFS conservationist multiple uses as watershed, recreational, and sensible timber management for scenic values. This is why the required plan of action for FoamKrete will contain mining engineering proposals of boring into a MOH 6 hardness rock, where the traditional underground tailing dump waste becomes the product.

* Of course all of this is much to much for a 77-year old single signature claim holder, who knows from previous ventures the property is almost too big for even one company. One CFR clear listed use answer is to simply put the asset to work a needed marketplace of affordable housing.

* This is why the price tag for 16 claims covering half of the mountain (north or south) is set at $12.5 Million. Where one gravel mining contractor, plus crushing and grinding, could cover both for end-use marketings as FoamKrete.com (almost a franchise), or a needed answer of flowing through to meet and exceed the “fortress” needs of ECOhousingofAmerica.com that would have an almost unfair edge in replacing, for insurance purposes, stick built homes in fire, flood, tsunami tidal surge, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane prone communities.

* Another thing understood at 77 by the single signer owner is that mining is one thing, but selling a mine by the ton is another. Which means lease options, earn in joint ventures, or stock for stock trades might work.


These Click-able Link Buttons to Down-loadable Documentation Are Plans of Action in Production.

This is a 21 page overview for someone that might be interested in developing a national network of distributors / dealers of a unique product.


This is a 32 page down-loadable documentation on Oregon's Table Mountain nepheline syenite, supported by qualified sources as:

> A USGS Professional Paper 840;
* Analyses of Eight New USGS Rock Standards

> The State of Oregon;
* Economic Mineral Resources

> A independent consulting geologists report;
* Geological Field Reconnaissance and Sampling Program

> University of California, Davis, paper;
* UCDavis-auto_aerated_concrete

And an outdated video tour on
* www.Property-Prospect-Showcase.com

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